EV charging

LUMiCHARGER - Affordable chargers for all people

At the end of 2020, we implemented a pilot project in Sabinov with smart lamp poles. These lamps include:

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles LUMiCHARGER integrated into poles

  • VAISALA meteo sensors communicating over SEAK powerline (LUMiCOM)

  • LUMiNODEs control the lighting

Collected data is available through the INVIPO smart city portal at smart.sabinov.sk.


The availability of charging stations

The availability of fast-charging stations in Slovakia have been improved, which is good news for long-distance drivers. However, the problem is still the insufficient number of public charging stations in cities. In particular, look at housing estates where residents do not have own their garages. But also public car parks, areas in front of shopping centers, restaurants, school facilities, and so on.

LUMiCHARGER - Affordable chargers for all people

Charging stations are available from many vendors, but the main obstacle is non-existence of suitable power cabling. This can be added (if local transformer capacity allows), but the cities are reluctant to dig through the roads and pavements. SEAK can use the existing public lighting network and integrate these public charging stations into omnipresent lamps. The citizens will be able to charge their cars at the place where it is parked (work, housing ...).

  LUMiCHARGER Level 2 Standalone Level 2 - AC Charger Standalone Level 3 - DC Charger
Maximum charging power 22 kW 11 kW 50 kW
Average charging power 14 kW 11 kW 50 kW
Charging time 200 km range 2.6 hod. 3.3 hod. 0.7 hod.

At the price of one DC charger it is possible to build a network of more than 50 AC chargers in the lighting poles in residential area.

Integration with public lighting

You have a choice of two options:

  1. EV charger integrated into public lighting
  2. Stand-alone EV charger: EV chargers mounted on lamp poles communicate with SEAK SMART CITY lighting control system to negotiate the power available for EV charging. During the day, street lighting remains in standby mode and we use full line capacity for EV charging. At night, part of the capacity is used for lighting, the rest for cars. Intelligent dimming of luminaires (in times and places where no 100% intensity is required all night) increases even more the maximum power we can deliver to vehicles.

Lighting illustration


Charging conditions and payment

Electricity for EV charging is very cheap compared to petrol: the price of electricity for 100 km is about 2 EUR. Therefore, charging is often provided free of charge (as support for the development of clean transport). However, it is not sustainable for massive deployment and car charging should be paid. We work with multiple payment gateways, which work in similar way for user:

The driver first unlocks the charger by using the mobile application by scanning the QR code, touching the RFID card or sending SMS.  Operator of payment gateway will issue an invoice for the used electricity to individual users and collect the payments (typically via credit card). The city receives the payment from the gateway operator and is therefore not loaded with any additional administration. We can integrate the system with existing EV charging payment systems (e.g. EV-Mapa, Greenway, ZSE, RWE) and local chip card systems (e.g. Bratislava CARD).

Ilustračný obrázok


Awarded in an international forum

Zlatá medaile urbis 2018

Urbis Smart City fair took place in Brno (CZ) in the last week of April. The Gold Urbis medal for the most innovative product was taken by Slovak company SEAK s.r.o. for original smart lighting solution SEAK SMART CITY integrated with electric vehicle charger LUMiCHARGER.

As chairman of the jury Martin Slanina puts: "In this solution the commission appreciated the simple deployment of charging stations into existing public lighting network without the need to install additional communication or power cabling with automated electrical load balancing with the lighting system.

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